Bathroom #1 | Design Inspiration

After coming off the high of construction and finally starting to feel recovered, I actually have the urge to make some progress on some “bigger” house projects: bathroom number uno.  I’ve got the design in the my head, have thought through the details, and am ready to get rockin’!

This little piece of artwork inspired my design for this bath:

Octopus tub artwork

I found Mr. Octopus about 2 years ago at Garden Supply Company in Cary, NC. (If you’re local – GO. NOW. It’s one of my happy places.) Currently Mr. Octopus is residing on the back of the potty in a Pottery Barn frame that my mom got me for Christmas. P.S….the frame is on sale right now. I am super stoked to have Jon hang it this weekend! (<–He has been such a trooper with all of the house projects I have volunteered him for so far! I can’t praise him enough!)

Isn’t the print amazing though? I mean, it’s an octopus in a tub. With a steam-punk nautical feel. Win-win. So there you have it — the piece that started it all.  I have a few other artwork pieces that I will be hanging along side Mr. Octopus to create a small gallery wall.

I’m trying to be patient and focus on a couple other house projects right now (ie, cafe curtains in master bath) but I just can’t help but swoon over these images and can’t wait to see them come to life in bathroom number 1!

For the walls:

If you haven’t noticed on my IG, I love a good dark paint. Something that is moody and cozy. My go-to color in our house so far has been “Mt. Etna by Sherwin Williams,” however; I might switch it up for this bathroom and choose something slightly more black. Still debating.  I love the contrast that the dark paint provides with the white below. The warm wood furniture and baskets, along with the green plant provide a cozy feeling that would otherwise be lost with the stark contrasting paint colors. The gray tile floor is a nice neutral that blends seamlessly with the room. Black frames with white matting create a classic anchor against the dark wall and draws your eye in. Although we won’t be doing tile along the lower wall, this bathroom is one of my favorites.

Again with the dark walls and shiplap. Gosh. Amazing.


This bath image shows how they used shiplap (or v-groove) to create texture and line. I plan to tie in the other v-groove elements in our home by using it in bathroom #1. (When I lived at my parents house, my mom was really awesome at letting me decorate my bedroom. My junior year of high school I talked my dad into adding crown moulding about 3/4 of the way up the walls in my bedroom. We added a 3 inch wide piece to the top to create a “ledge” for my “stuff.” Above the trim was deep red. Below was white. I used black Parisian accents and a red toile bedspread to tie it all together. Still one of my favorite designs to date. And I was in high school – LOL!) All that to say, the v-groove will be going 3/4 up the walls and will have a ledge to lean pictures on. Above will be dark – below white. WAHOO!

My octopus print will be one of the 2 main pieces of artwork in the bath. We used both chrome and brushed nickel so far for our hardware selections and plan to keep those. White towels are my favorite to use because they “set the standard” for clean in our home.

No words. Speechless. Amazing.


This next bath inspiration has incredible trim work. It reminds me of ours: 6″ door headers and 4″sides with bead in between. Tall baseboards and then the shiplap. It really is fantastic and crisp-looking. This comes across a bit too “nautical” for me, but it could be the starfish print that is throwing me. I love everything else about this look though and plan to tie in elements of this design.

Shiplap and dark walls


Last, but not least, is the “eclectic” version that strikes a chord with me. I don’t know if it is the unexpected pops of turquoise or the arrows and floral towel with copper potted plant that draws me in, but it has an incredible appeal. Adding a plant will definitely be a MUST-have for this bathroom. I’ve had issues (ie, killing) Maiden hair ferns so that won’t be happening – but some other kind of airy fern will make it’s appearance.

Shiplap, dark walls, and eclectic decor! yum.


Last topic for this bathroom is storage. I wanted a smaller vanity and separate/different storage piece. I like the way it makes it feel “collected.” My current plan is to go with either this piece below from Ikea or DIY a ladder/shelf combo-thing. Both are incredibly functional, I just need to decide which direction I want to head.

Touch of black display


Display ladder

This ladder that goes to the ceiling though gives me all heart eyes. I am kind of leaning this direction. *cheese*

Towel display


I recently acquired a vintage pie safe. It barely fits the space in the bathroom and I SO wanted to use it in there, but I don’t want the bath to feel crowded.  I am opting to use it just outside the bathroom tucked in the hallway (PERFECT niche for it!) Even though we have a hall closet just a few steps away, I am excited because I will be adding a small lamp to the top of this pie safe and using it to store towels, etc… for this particular bathroom. Probably other random stuff too. Maybe even a pie.

Vintage linen cabinet


So there you have it! Bathroom number one design inspiration.

I’ve got some updates coming to this blog of mine and maybe even a surprise adventure that I will be sharing soon!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!



P.S. Currently, I’m trying to figure out how to switch over my domain name to “The Gray” (already acquired) without destroying/losing all of my content from the last 2 years. UGH. (PS – if any of you are super awesome at websites – please email me!!!! HELP?!)